Display your progress on Twitter, Be more accountable.

Whether you are building in public, running your own business or you have started #100daysofcode, show your progress to your Twitter audience.

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How It Works

  • 1

    Set Progress

    Add your progress and configure the style of the progress bar you like. Add Left & right text to configure what appears on the sides of the progress bar.

    Set progress
  • 2

    Preview & Push to Twitter

    After setting your progress, check the preview and click on Push to Twitter button, to push the progress bar to Twitter.

    Preview & Push to twitter
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    Save & Reset

    You can configure values and just save them without having to push the progress bar to Twitter. To do that just click on Save. Click on reset to load the values that were previously saved.

    Lp   save progress


Here are some examples of progress bars

  • 100 days of code
    100 DaysOfCode
  • Screenshot 2021 11 02 at 12.36.26 pm
    Display MRR
  • Screenshot 2021 11 02 at 12.43.27 pm
    1000 Days of Meditation

What People Say

  • "It has never been easier to track my progress and show it to my Twitter audience. Set progress allows me to track my progress and at the same time be accountable. Two birds, one stone."

  • ""I've been using Set Progress to track my progress on #100DaysOfcode. It's super easy to use this tool to track the progress and share it with your audience. And what makes it easier to use this tool is its clean UX! Hope there will be more options in the future to share the progress with other platforms as well. ""